Head Cold

 Not much going on. I have a head cold, and I feel like reheated road kill. Weather here is still crazy. They say snow, then they say no snow. Two days ago we had rain, ran to Walmart, came out changed to sleet, about hour later just snow.. Biden proved again he is unfit to lead our nation. You know we could write volumes about his stupidity.. Stay Safe Everyone...... Rob If you read my blog and you have you and, post a link. Thanks.

Rest Assured..

 We may end up in a War with China, but rest assured the Transgender will have a safe place in Minnesota.  politics/minnesottrans-refuge-kids-seeking-transgender-medical-treatment I knew MN was going to get screwed by the liberals having control over thr State Leg, but not this bad...We are being over taxed, have Billions sitting in the state bank accounts, they have given state employees another holiday, Juneteenth, or what ever you call it. The state is going carbon free in 17 years.  I pray things change next election cycle, but I doubt it... Maybe the best thing for all of us is the end of the world as we know it.. Oh wait it already has Stay Safe....Its only going to get worse.... Rob  

Chinese Spy Balloon

Now a second Spy Balloon has been seen, this time over Latin America. Chinese say weather balloon.   The old DC Idiot says if we shoot it down, folks will get hurt. So we let it spy on the U.S... Someone stated it too high to shoot down, I call BS. Isn't that the reason we have ICBM, and other missiles?? Stay tuned... Stay Safe, and keep prepping... Well as we all know now the USAF took out the spy balloon..A F22 and one missile. How much Intel did China get over the last few days.

Summer Starts When....??


Ground Hog Day

 So they are claiming 6 more weeks of winter.  I say wrong...MLB starts Spring Train around Feb 16th. To me that is the start of Spring. Sure will have more snow, but once baseball starts. Winter is almost over.... Another sure sign of spring is when pallet loads of top soil and other landscaping products start to show up. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your seeds.!!..."" Stay Safe.....Rob

No Really..Who Would Have Thunk It

  ...WIND CHILL ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Saturday Jan 28th TO 11 AM CST SUNDAY... * WHAT...Very cold wind chills expected. Wind chill values as low as 20 degrees below and 30 degrees below zero. * WHERE...Portions of central, east central, south central and southeast Minnesota and northwest and west central Wisconsin. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to 11 AM CST Sunday. * IMPACTS...The cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... Use caution while traveling outside. Wear appropriate clothing, a hat, and gloves.   In plain english keep your butt home until 4th of July weekend Remember these days next summer Rob

My New Blog

 Since I was having issues with my old blog, this is new new one. Same old stuff as the other one... Biter cold settling in across Minnesota. Such is Life. Stay safe and warm all. Rob